On 21st Oct. 2022, at 1115 UTC in psn 14 39.44N-049 30.16E an incident reported on approach to the Ash
Shihr port in Yemen. While an MT had called for loading at the port, there were two drone-driven explosions in
close proximity. Neither explosion impacted the vessel. All crew is safe and unharmed. there was no damage
to the vessel and no pollution. Accordingly, Master sailed the vessel from the loading port to international

All necessary precautionary measures were duly taken beforehand and during the incident. The relevant
authorities have been kept closely informed, as required.

The drone attack was probably targeted the Ash Shihr Oil Terminal (Lat/Long 014°41’073 N – 049°31’922 E).

On 02 Oct 2022, the deadline for extending the UN-Brokered truce agreement between the Houthi rebels and
the Saudi-led coalition (SLC) in Yemen was missed. Both prior and since the truce agreement collapse, Houthi
rebels have threatened a return to attacks within the maritime domain, including in the Gulf of Aden and Bab
al Mandeb Strait. This has included threats to disrupt vessels heading to SLC countries, as well as demands
that all companies cease the export of oil – or face being targeted by Houthi military forces. The Aden based
Ministry of Trasportation has urged foreign companies to continue oil, gas and mineral export operations in
government controlled areas and to not comply with Houthi demands or threats.


Source: UKMTO