24/7 Assistance & Response

On threat & security matters relevant to vessel and crew.

Advance Warnings Of Potential Threats

Prevention & protection.
Identification in intelligence reporting and piracy sightings.
Monitoring of suspicious vessels.

Quick Crisis Response

Including defense/rescue operations and any emergency support.

24/7 Security Operations Center

Triaena Maritime Security Ltd, maintains a fully capable Operations Center, offering 24/7 Support and Consultancy.


Meet Our Company

Triaena Maritime Security Ltd, offers a wide range of efficient and cost-effective Maritime Security Services, managed exclusively by a highly motivated and experienced group of trained professionals with a long and proven track record in preparing and escorting vessels through High-Risk Areas.

Our People
Triaena Maritime Security Ltd, fully understands all the relevant maritime industry concerns and expectations. Our experienced personnel have deep and proven knowledge of the international Maritime Security challenges, as well as of all the issues related to the threat of modern piracy.
Security Training
Triaena Maritime Security Ltd, with the use of its deep knowledge, built throughout many years of operations in the HRAs, can provide a broad range of internationally accredited and endorsed training services. The operational demands of providing effective Shipboard Security, involves working long hours at maximum levels of readiness. This requires Exceptional Training, Character, Concentration, and the Ability to Act Instinctively when required.
Mission Statement
We are committed to provide the Shipping Industry with high-quality Maritime Security Solutions based on the internationally accepted Practices & Standards, that includes the industry standard for the Maritime Security Companies, ISO 28007-1:2015, for the purpose of preventing and suppressing piracy and armed robbery against Merchant Vessels, protecting the vessel, its cargo and creating a safe environment for the crew.

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Our Services

Armed Security Teams

Triaena Maritime Security Ltd, provides fully qualified, highly experienced personnel, mostly ex-Navy, Military or Law Enforcement Special Forces, for the Merchant Vessels, that are due to transit the High-Risk Areas. Our Maritime Security Operatives are selected carefully through our strict screening procedures, composing the team considering each client as a distinct entity with unique requirements.


Security Consultancy

Triaena’s experienced personnel can assist clients to understand the different risks existing when transiting in high-risk areas, suggesting ways to mitigate them. We monitor all incoming enquiries, providing reports and intelligence updates concerning piracy activities, considering all the available Maritime Intelligence Products such as the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB-PRC), UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), Maritime Domain Awareness Trade – Gulf of Guinea (MDAT-GoG), NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) and US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Whether you’re planning a potentially high-risk passage within the Indian Ocean, or need guidance in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG), our consultancy team will provide clear and practical advice on a 24/7 basis, in order to ensure a smooth and safe passage.

Accreditation – ISO Standards

 Triaena Maritime Security Ltd, is accredited and biannually audited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), in accordance with prevailing International Standards regarding Quality & Operations, conforming to:


ISO 28007-1: 2015

Security Management System


ISO 9001: 2015

Quality Management System