On the 17th of May at 1650 UTC UKMTO released information that a Merchant Vessel reported being approached by two skiffs. The MV executed anti-piracy procedures and lost sight of the skiffs in part due to darkness, visibility, and part due to the skiffs turning off their lights. They were later observed less than 100m aft of the MV, finally the skiffs left. The vessel has Private Maritime Security on board. The ship and crew are safe. Vessels have been advised to keep clear of this position and exercise caution if in the vicinity.

Position: 11:51.00N – 045:03.00E

The embarkation of an armed security team will mitigate the risk of highjack but not attacks. To date no vessel has been highjacked with an armed onboard security team, by Triaena Maritime Security LTD. Security protection measures in accordance with BMP% must be applied and tested.


Triaena Maritime Security LTD.